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A Galapagos vacations will be the trip of your lifetime.. Located 1,000 km from the mainland Ecuador in South America, there are 13 major islands in the Galapagos. In this section of our website we offer you information on the Galapagos Islands, read on and take a virtual aventure with us! Just browse through the pages in this section and learn everything from Geology, Natural & human history, Animal & plant lists, description of the Islands, Visitor sites, Statistics, and tourism information. We have put together this knowledgebase for your benefit.

This incredibly special place is home to plant and animal species whose ancestors floated or were forced there by the wind. For centuries the local fauna lived without natural predators and animals became fearless. Even now, visitors can walk along trails and pass within inches of numerous species which is in itself a unique experience. 90% of the land surface and all of the ocean out to the national limits was designated a national park in 1959 in order to preserve the original ecology and to control the introduction of new and potentially harmful species. To minimise the impact of tourists on the fragile ecology, the park authorities have established certain rules which visitors must abide by and these will be explained by your guide. On land, trails have been established and visitors are expected to keep to the trails. Visitors must not touch, follow or chase the animals and birds nor must they remove any plants or flowers or any other part of the natural history of the islands.

Please respect all the rulesthat you will be told about once there. The survival of the islands depends on you the visitor. The Island's interesting volcanic geology, as well as its rich plant and animal life are the allure to numerous travelers, scientist, and nature-lovers that admire and study the Islands year round. Scientists still encounter the grand mystery how such a large diversity of species could reach a far-out place like the Galapagos Islands. On the Islands, a variety of animals, by most people only known from Animal Planet or National Geographic, roam free: the main reason for travellers and nature seekers to visit the Galapagos Islands. The Galapagos Islands will touch you in the most remarkable ways. Adventure with us and enjoy a once in a lifetime trip amidst playful sea lions, waved albatrosses, flightless cormorants, and the famous "pirates of the air" Frigate birds - namesake of our yacht. It is dificult resist the sight of a mystical moonlike landscape on earth, giant tortoises large enough to ride-on, prehistoric marine & land iguanas, sea lions, whales, and hundreds of other singular species.